Prague bizzare

his tour focuses on places in Prague, where people usually do not go during normal guided tours. We will see the Prague TV-Tower from outside admiring its unusual decoration. Further we will pass by the functionalist churchrepresenting Noah's Ark and go to the metro-station where the third longest escalator in the world is placed. Travelling by metro and tram we will reach the Hotel International, which was built in the spirit of the Socialist Realism and reminds us of buildings in Russia. Further we will go by bus to the largest stadium in the world, where the famous Prague Football Club Sparta trains and where themass gymnastics events called Spartakiades used to take place. From there, we will go on foot to Petrin Hill, where we will visit the replica of Eiffel Tower and the Mirror Labyrinth, that makes us to laugh. To get to city centre we will go down by funicular.

Duration: 4 hours

Entrance fees: the replica of the Eiffel Tower cca 6 Euro per person, the Mirror Labyrinth: cca 4 Euro per person