Czech Money

Tipping: We Czechs often tip at least 10 % if we are satisfied.

Czech currency: In the Czech Republic, the Czech crown is used for payment. One euro is equivalent to around 23-25 crowns, depending on the current exchange rate. In Prague it is often possible to pay by card, sometimes also in euros, but this is not guaranteed in all shops and restaurants in the centre. It is always advisable to have crowns with you.

Changing money: Money should never be changed on the street. There are scammers who will approach you in a friendly manner, speak your language and offer to make your banknotes small. Instead, you may receive Hungarian forints or another currency... My experience shows that these scammers sometimes also turn up at the hotel entrance or ATM where you have withdrawn money.

One euro is about 23-25 crowns, so 100 crowns is about 4 euros and 1000 crowns is 40 euros.

One U.S. dollar is about 23 crowns.

There are banknotes in the following denominations: 100 crowns, 200 crowns, 500 crowns, 1000 crowns, 2000 crowns, 5000 crowns.

Coins are available in the following denominations: 1 crown, 2 crowns, 5 crowns, 10 crowns, 20 crowns, 50 crowns.