Subway / Underground in Prague 

Metro in Prague

We call the underground / subway in Prague - metro.

Will I get lost in the underground?

Our Prague metro is very clear, simple and usually very clean. We only have three lines, which we call A, B and C. You can recognise them by their colours - green, yellow and red. There are only three transfer stations in Prague - Můstek, Florenc and Muzeum. To change, you have to take the escalator down or up. Everything is well marked with colours and letters.

How do I know if I have to get on the metro on the right or left? Quite simply, you look at the board, which shows the station you are at in white. If you need to go to a station that is to the right of the station marked in white, go to the right, if it is to the left, wait for the underground on the left. Destination stations are marked everywhere and you can also see how long it will take for the next underground train to arrive. There is always a station map in the underground and the station names are not only announced in Czech, but also shown on the display in each carriage.

The doors open depending on the station layout, usually to the left in the direction of travel, sometimes to the right.

How long does the metro run?

In the morning, the first metro leaves at around 4.44 am and the last metro leaves the terminus at around 11.40 pm. Check the last metro journey according to the current timetable.