Prague Public Transportation 

Is it easy or difficult to use the Public Transportation in Prague?

For me as a Prague native, it goes without saying, but what does it look like for you if you don't speak our language? Let's start with how to buy a ticket in the first place. You will always find ticket machines in the underground vestibule of the metro/subway, then only at some tram and bus stops. This machine is yellow. You can pay with a card if you have activated it for payments abroad, or with Czech coins - those are crowns, note - you cannot pay with paper money. The machine offers you to buy tickets not only in Czech, but also English, German and Russian. This takes your worries away.

You must validate your ticket in the yellow machine (photo below). Without this, your ticket is not valid and you will be travelling in the black.

The ticket is valid from the moment of marking (e.g. 30 min., 90 min., 24 hrs. or 72 hrs.) depending on the ticket...

In some trams and buses you can also buy a ticket with your card.

Ticketsapp is also new, where you can buy tickets online. - Attention - you have to "mark the ticket online" so that it is valid from a certain time.

Can you change trains, travel in all directions and use all means of transport with a 30-minute ticket?

You can travel in all directions, unlike in Berlin, for example. With each ticket you can change to another underground line, tram or bus. The total journey time may not be exceeded.

An exception is the funicular railway on Petrin Hill - a day ticket and a three-day ticket are also valid for the funicular journey, but single tickets for 30 or 90 minutes are not. In this case, you have to buy the cable car ticket separately on the spot - approx. 60 crowns per trip per person.