What do Czechs like to eat?

When you're little, you love buns with vanilla sauce. They are often cooked in kindergartens and schools. In my memories of my school days, the main dishes were dumplings with brown sauce and a piece of meat. We called the brown sauce UHO - universal brown sauce and we really didn't look forward to it.

In the Czech Republic you can find many dishes with dumplings on the menu. Compared to Germany and Austria, the dumplings here are cut and not shaped like a ball. There are potato dumplings, bread dumplings, etc. The Czech bread dumpling is dry so that it soaks up more gravy. So what do we eat?

Dill sauce, tomato sauce, mushroom sauce etc., goulash, dumplings stuffed with smoked meat, duck with dumplings and with cabbage are also well known. But there is one dish that you won't get in Germany or Austria if you don't go to a Czech restaurant, and that is sirloin steak (beef meat) with creamy vegetable sauce, served with dumplings, cranberries and lemon - svickova in Czech. Svíčková is one of the most popular Czech dishes. We like to prepare it for Sunday lunch and it is also a typical dish at Czech weddings. Some guys like to ask girls on dates if they can cook this dish. If you are a vegetarian, we have a second favourite dish, fried cheese with potatoes and tartare. Other options are fried cauliflower or fried mushrooms with potatoes. Of the sweet dishes, stuffed fruit dumplings with quark or poppy seeds, potato fritters with poppy seeds or bread pancakes with apple are also very popular, but you don't find them very often in restaurants. But if you take a tour of Prague with me, I'll give you a tip on where you can try these dishes too. At home, for example, we have pancakes with spinach, potato pancakes and so on. When we go to a café, we like to eat cake - e.g. punch slices, cream puffs, mini coffin with whipped cream (I didn't make a mistake here, really) etc. If we don't want to eat anything sweet, we order a sandwich. And what do we like to drink?

Beer - the best drink when you're eating duck with cabbage, for example. For a long time we didn't even know that there are different mixtures of beer and lemonade - like Radler, so our men drink beer and don't pour lemonade into it. Some restaurants also offer lemonade on tap - raspberry, which is pink, and kofola, which is black. You can try those too.